Swimming is a sport rich in data just waiting to be collected and presented.

For years the data collection process was done live, during a race, limiting the amount of data collected and the accuracy of that data. SwimHero RA takes advantage of today’s technology allowing users to record swims and then play them back at their desired speed in a simple, fun, game like setting, “stamping” all the relevant actions that occur during a swim (breakout, turn, stroke rate, etc.) while letting the user examine that data to insure its accuracy before saving.

Collecting the data is only half the equation, if you fail to engage the swimmer the data collection becomes far less valuable. Instead of using static X/Y graphs to represent different data points collected SwimHero RA approaches data representation like telling a story. This accomplishes two major development objectives.

1. It allows the user to see how different data points relate to each other within a length. For example, how did breakout time affect the swimmers stroke rate and how did that stroke rate affect the turn in length one….. almost like a story unfolding. In addition, seeing the lengths (or chapters) on top of each other gives the user the opportunity to look at the same data points relative to each other across multiple lengths (how did stroke rate change across these 4 lengths for example).
2. Representing the data like a story allows us to tie the video in with the data. Select play and watch the cursor go along the data points in sync with the video. Kids are visual learners; to show a swimmer the data and coinciding video together is extremely powerful and will make an impression.

What swimmers should use SwimHero RA? We believe anyone who loves swimming can benefit from using SwimHero RA. Younger kids will have fun seeing themselves on video while getting exposed to all the important actions that occur during a swim. Seeing the wealth of data SwimHero RA presents can point swimmers in the right direction, helping them set realistic goals while gaining confidence as they accomplish these goals. As kids get older, these character traits (ability to focus, goal setting, work ethic, etc.) and the resulting confidence go far beyond the pool as swimmers enter competitive educational and eventually work environments. Honing these skills in the pool is something any swimmer can do using SwimHero RA.

How many parents video their child swimming only to put their iPad away after the swim rarely looking at it again? Why not use all that time you have at a swim meet putting that swim in SwimHero RA, stamping it and looking at the valuable information you just produced? If your child loves swimming ( please see The Swimmer) then there is no reason he or she would not benefit from using SwimHero. We are going to do our best to educate the entire swimming community with input from great coaches like Kevin Kinel but ask that you keep a couple of points in mind. First, you are not the coach and we hope you respect the fact that your coach may interpret data differently and have different objectives in mind for your son or daughter. Secondly, we hope you use this as a fun, motivational tool to give only positive feedback to your child and not as a platform to show him or her what they are doing wrong with the demand that they do it better the next time they get in the water. Swimming is a wonderful sport to build confidence and set goals, we hope SwimHero assists your child’s development in these areas.

SwimHero RA was designed to utilize all those involved (swimmer, coach and parent) and maximize the opportunity to collect and distribute data. As a cloud member users can upload swims (video with data) to the cloud to store and more importantly share with anyone on their friends list.

Coaches will be will have access to an amazing tool to further their ability to do what they do best- evaluating the swimmer, coaching the swimmer and ultimately improving the swimmer . We believe this will give coaches the opportunity to access a wealth of data they have been previously unable to obtain. Coaches are very busy during meets, any sort of data collection is virtually impossible given their responsibilities and chaotic nature of a swim meet. Imagine how much information could be analyzed if coaches were able to compare race data with data they have collected at practice using SwimHero RA.

We set out to make swim race analysis (data collection and representation), storage and sharing easier and more engaging using today’s technology. We do not believe this project will ever end but rather continue to evolve. We look forward to continually improving SwimHero RA to give you the optimal swim analysis tool.