SwimHero RA Overview

Co-founder Bob K. gives a complete overview to the Duneland swim club. Learn what all this data means and how Bob’s family used SwimHero RA this past season



A video introduction to a new swim race analysis app. Video your swimmer and in a game like app stamp the improtant actions that occur during a swim (strart, breakout, stroke rate, turn, etc.). Once complete view this information as it is synced with the video in an easy to understand format anyone can use.


Version 3.5 New Features

Check out our new data points underwater velocity and cumulative turn time. Manual breakout distance has also been added as an option for those looking to be more precise with breakout distance.


Version 3.0 New Features

Check out the great new features in version 3.0 including cursor control (this will change the way you are using SwimHero RA!), underwater values and notes while learning more about the SwimHero RA cloud.


How To Stamp

Learn how easy it is to stamp a swim in SwimHero RA. Follow along this 100 yard Butterfly as the buttons and functionality are explained.


Swim Bar Layout Introduction

A great introduction to all the different events (free, back, fly, breast and IM) and how the data is displayed in SwimHero RA. Watch this to get a better idea of how your data will be displayed after stamping a swim.



Join Coach Kinel as he goes through a 200 Meter Breast Stroke using SwimHero RA. Learn how powerful and informative SwimHero can be when evaluating a single swim followed by an in-depth look at the benefits of comparing swims after new strategy’s and goals have been set.


Analysis #2- Back Stroke

Join Coach Kinel as he goes through a 100 SCY Back Stroke using SwimHero RA. Watch as Coach goes through the first swim analyzing strengths and areas to improve followed by a swim 2 weeks later and those results.


Analysis #3 Freestyle- Turns and Breakouts

Go through a 200 freestyle analysis with Coach Kinel. Get a better understanding of how easy it is to identify areas that can be improved followed by the verification of those improvements using SwimHero RA.


Using SwimHero RA in your training

Join Coach Kinel as he walks through one of the many ways to use SwimHero RA in training. Create and store meaningful data that you and your swimmer can make sense of.


Combine functionality

Learn how to combine swimmers (with their swims) with this quick video. Combine will primarily be used by SwimHero RA cloud members.