App Store And The Cloud


 Use the store (fig. 5-1) to unlock unlimited swims, sign up for the SwimHero RA cloud and purchase any other in-app purchases SwimHero RA makes available.

Figure 13

Figure 5-1

Unlimited Swims:

Unlock unlimited swims via a one-time, in-app purchase to stamp and save swims so you can view and compare them at any time.  The only limit is the storage space on your iPad.

 Cloud Membership:

Purchasing a cloud membership gives you access to the SwimHero cloud.  Use the cloud to store unlimited swims (swims include video and data), bringing those swims back down to your iPad or any iPad you are logged onto with your cloud user ID.



 Cloud membership gives you access to the SwimHero cloud.  Use the cloud to store unlimited swims (swims include video and data), bringing those swims back down to your iPad or any iPad you are logged onto with your cloud user ID.

 Create a Cloud user:

Once you have signed up for the SwimHero  RA cloud select “cloud” from the menu, from here please create your username and password.

 NOTE: You will be required to enter a valid email and will receive a verification email from SwimHero RA before your cloud account is activated.  Once activated sign in using your username and password.

Sign out of cloud: To sign out of your cloud account go to settings (gear icon upper right) and select cloud settings “logout”.  To log back in go to menu and select cloud.

Uploading Swims to the Cloud:

To upload a swim to the cloud simply go to the swims of the swimmer you want to upload, select the swim and then “cloud”.  This will begin the upload process which can be seen in the cloud page or with the cloud icon blinking in the upper right corner.

NOTE: Please be aware of the network you are using when attempting to upload swims, free public networks often lack the bandwidth necessary to upload a swim and you may see “upload failure, please try again”

 Using the Cloud Page:

The cloud page has 3 sections (fig. 5-2)

Figure 14

Figure 5-2

  1. Swimmers-  Select the swimmer you are interested in.
  2. Swims- Here you will find all the swims from the swimmer you have chosen.  Select the swim and from there download.  If this is the first time this swimmer has been downloaded to the iPad a new swimmer will be created (including the picture that was uploaded to cloud, the correct birthdate and male/female).  NOTE: If you are looking at the swims you have pushed to the cloud, and those swims exist on the iPad you are working on, the only option you will have is to delete the swim from the cloud versus delete OR download to iPad.
  3. Upload/Downloads- When you have selected a swim to download it will move into the upload/download table showing you the progress.  This also occurs when uploading a swim and can be seen by switching from swimmers (where you select your swim and then cloud) to the cloud where you will see the swim in the Uploads/Downloads table.  If a your swim has failed to upload or download you will see the message “upload/download failure, please try again”.  If you select the swim in the upload/download table you will have the option to retry or remove.

 NOTE: Please be aware of your auto-lock settings.  If your device is auto-locked or turned off while uploading or downloading a swim that swim will fail and you will need to retry.


Using The Same SwimHero RA Cloud Account With Multiple Devices

For those using multiple devices with the same SwimHero RA cloud account, please follow the steps below to avoid multiple swimmers with the same name being created on the cloud.

You should only need to create a swimmer on one device.  For example, we will create Joe Sampson on device A.  Once Joe is created, upload a swim of his to the cloud.  Now, we also want to start using device B and will be using that to upload/download swims as well.  Instead of creating Joe Sampson on that device as well, go to the cloud account (that both devices are sharing) and download a swim for Joe that was put up by device A.  When this is done, Joe Sampson will be created on device B (along wit the swim being brought down) and the Joe Sampson on device A and B will have the same cloud ID.  Now swims uploaded by either device A or B will go to the ONE Joe Sampson on the cloud.  If device B had created their own Joe Sampson and uploaded a swim, there would now be two Joe Sampsons on the cloud.


Using Notes with SwimHero RA Cloud

For those using a shared cloud account (club account with shared username and password across the club for example) notes inserted into a swim and then uploaded or notes uploaded on an existing cloud swim (see below)are available to download (video,data and notes) by anyone with access to that cloud account.  Additionally, you may upload new notes that you create to an existing cloud swim.  Anyone with access to the cloud account will be able to download these or any other notes that have been uploaded for a particular swim on the cloud.

Upload/Download Notes

To upload notes on an existing cloud swim go to the SwimHero RA cloud.  Select the swimmer then select the swim.  When “upload my notes” is selected (fig. 5-3) any notes that you have added to this swim on your iPad will be uploaded to the cloud swim which will then be available for anyone with access to that account (through friends or shared account). 

To download NEW notes (on an existing cloud swim go to the SwimHero RA cloud.  Select the swimmer then select the swim.  When “download new notes” is selected (fig. 5-3) any new notes for that swim that you already have on your iPad will be downloaded.  At this time this feature is only available for a shared cloud account.  

Figure 5-3

Figure 5-3

To learn more about using notes with the SwimHero RA cloud please visit the video below:

Version 3.0 Features

Combine Swimmer

The combine swimmer functionality will most likely be utilized by those using the SwimHero RA cloud. If you are downloading swims that you did NOT save and upload to the cloud from your iPad then that swimmer will be created on your iPad even if you have already created a swimmer with the same name and have swims stored under that name.  This could potentially result in duplicate swimmers on your iPad- one with the swims you have done and another with the swims you have brought down from the cloud (which a parent may have been stamping, saving and uploading for example).  To combine these (or any 2 swimmers) into one swimmer select the swimmer profile you want to combine (NOTE: This will be the swimmer that gets merged into the one you choose).

  1. Select the swimmers picture or swim icon to go into edit mode.
  2. Select “Combine Swimmer”
  3. The swimmer you are working with will be seen under Source.  Tap “select swimmer” under Target and choose the swimmer you want to combine the source swimmer with.
  4. Once the target is selected tap “Combine” (fig. 5-4)

This will take all the swims saved under the Source swimmer and merge them with the Target swimmer effectively eliminating the Source Swimmer as an option on your iPad.

NOTE: If you are combining swimmers to deal with the cloud example above any further swims you download from the cloud will go into the swimmer you combined with….in other words you will not have to combine swimmers every time you download a swim from the cloud.

Figure 14

Figure 5-4

Please visit the video below for more detail on combine: