How To Stamp

Recording your swimmer will precede the stamping process.  Please remember to hold your iPad in landscape (iPad is held horizontally) while recording video for optimal use in SwimHero RA.  This will be the only time you are holding the iPad this way, to use SwimHero RA you will always hold it vertically.

Your default settings (left or right handed) found in the settings page (upper right gear icon) will determine how your stamp buttons and video controls are situated.  The video controls will be on the opposite side of your dominant hand which will be responsible for the majority of your stamping.  After setting up your swim you will be taken to the  stamping page (fig. 2-1).

Figure 7

Figure 2-1

  1. Select your speed- click on the turtle to reduce your speed in order to insure a more accurate stamping. NOTE:  If you reduce your speed more than 3 levels you will lose your audio, this may make it difficult to get an accurate start stamp if you are relying on hearing the start beep.
  2.    Select the play button- upon doing so will activate the START button.  As the beep goes off tap the start button to begin the race.NOTE: As with all the buttons you do not have to tap the start button.  You may press and hold the start button until the beep goes off releasing as you hear the start.  The start will be recorded as you release; all stamping buttons work this way within SwimHero RA but this functionality is most useful on starts.
  3. Select ENTRY as hands touch water, that will give you the start time.  This includes backstroke as the swimmers hands touch the water as the push back off the wall.
  4.  Select BREAKOUT (to record breakout time and distance) as head breaches water, make sure you wait until the head actually breaks through, not on the waves that will happen just prior to breakout.  NOTE: If you have manual selected (from settings) you will have the option of scrolling to a breakout distance or to scrolling to “Calculate distance” to let the SwimHero  RA algorithm calculate it as if manual was turned off.
  5.  Begin STROKING- Stroke Rate, cycle count, distance per cycle.
    1. Free and Back- push the “STROKE” button on the first hand entry, and then again every time that same hand enters, that is considered one cycle (you may have to wait for the second stroke to start recording strokes if the first stroke coincides with BREAKOUT) .
    2. Fly- push the “STROKE” button on the first double hand entry out front, then again every time the hands enter. That is considered one stroke cycle.
    3. Breast- push the “STROKE” button on the first head pop after breakout and then every time the head breaks the surface, that is considered one stroke cycle.
  6. When swimmer starts turn, SWIPE your stroke button to initiate turn (for a right handed person swiping should be from left to right across button, towards the edge of the iPad).
    1. Free and Back- swipe the “STROKE” button (you will see on the stroke button “swipe to turn”) when the head drops into the turn.  NOTE: if your swimmer does not do a flip turn and you have selected no flip while setting up the swim you will swipe to turn when the swimmers hands touch the wall.
    2. Fly and Breast- swipe the “STROKE” button (you will see on the stroke button “swipe to turn”) when the hands touch the wall.
  7.  END TURN- push “END TURN” as the swimmers feet push off the wall.
  8. You will repeat the BREAKOUT, STROKE, TURN, END TURN until you are on the final length
  9. Select the FINISH button as the swimmers hands touch the wall


If desired users can also record a 15 meter time on first length and a 5 meter/yard time on the last length (will record the time in from 5 meters/yards).  This is achieved by swiping the FINISH button as the swimmer passes the 15 meter (first length) and/or the 5 meter/yard (last length).  Nothing will happen if you choose not to record these, if you do not record the 15 meter on the first length the option will automatically change to “ Swipe 5 m/y” as that is the only action left to record with that button (besides FINISH ).  NOTE: There is an exception when stamping a 25 scy/scm or 50 lcm.  If doing either of these to record a 5 y/m finish time you MUST record a 15 meter time.


While stamping if you make an obvious mistake and want to correct select the “restart length” button found above your stamping buttons (fig. 7).  If selected the user will be taken back to either the previous BREAKOUT or END TURN depending on the event and the user can continue on with their stamping from that point.  This will limit the amount of stamping the user needs to redo if they know they have made a mistake. If you do want to start at the beginning select the reset button (red button beneath the start button (fig. 7).

NOTE: If you select “restart length” on the first length you will be taken back to the start of the swim.

Once stamping is complete select continue to go to the preview and save page.

Please visit the video below for a SwimHero RA Bar Layout Introduction:
Bar Layout Introduction



After selecting CONTINUE in the stamping page users will be taken to the preview and save page (fig. 2-2).  From here you may preview your swim, playing the video and watching as the cursor goes along the bars to insure your stamping was accurate.

  • If you are satisfied with your work select the lock icon located at the top of the video screen between the time and swimmer’s name.  A time confirmation window will appear allowing you to adjust the time if desired.  After selecting DONE your swim will be saved.
  • If you are not satisfied with your work select the back button, you will be taken back to the stamping page with your video ready to be stamped again.  Select the back button again to exit stamping completely.

HINT: If when you recorded you followed the finish of the race with a shot of the scoreboard with your swimmers time you can get to that after the video preview of your swim is complete.  Simply get to the end of the swim (which you can quickly do by tapping the last data bar towards the end of the length to get the cursor there).  Once the video has stopped the upper left video control button will still be on pause.  Select pause, then select play again, at this point the video will continue and show you the scoreboard with the time or if you have spoken the time into the iPad at the finish of the race you will hear that.  Simply pause the video after that and continue saving the swim as detailed above by selecting the lock button.

NOTE: After you have touched the lock to save a swim you may notice a small delay (depending on the length of your swim) before seeing the lock complete with the DONE button appearing.  Do not be alarmed, this is normal behavior.

Figure 8

Figure 2-2

Please visit the videos below for stamping examples:
How To Stamp

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