Getting Started


Add a Swimmer:
To add a swimmer click on the “add swimmer” icon found on the swimmer page (fig. 1-1), you will be taken to New Swimmer Setup (fig. 1-2).

  1. Add an image or skip. If adding an image you may choose an image from your library or take a new photo.
  2. Fill out a first and last name
  3. Select male or female
  4. Fill out birthdate.

NOTE: A swimmer can be edited at any point which includes adding or changing the picture. Having the correct birthdate will make some of the filtering functionality within SwimHero RA work correctly.

Figure 1

Figure 1-1

Figure 2

Figure 1-2


Delete a Swimmer:
To delete a swimmer press and hold the swimmers icon until you see the “X” appear over the icon. If you select the swimmer again as the “X” is on the swimmer you will be asked if you want to permanently delete this swimmer.

NOTE: If you delete a swimmer who’s swims have not been backed up on the cloud you will lose all video and data associated with that swimmer. Please be absolutely sure you have backed up this swimmers video and data before deleting.

Edit a Swimmer:
To edit a swimmer select that swimmer from the swimmers page and tap their picture or picture icon (upper left corner). This will take you to the Swimmer Setup Page where you can change any of the information and save.

Combine a Swimmer:
To combine a swimmer go into edit mode (see above), select combine swimmer, choose the target swimmer and select combine. This will merge the source swimmer and all their swims to the target swimmer effectively deleting the source swimmer. Please see more information in the Store and Cloud portion of this user manual for more details and video regarding combine.

The Swimmers Page
The swimmers page(s) will contain all your swimmers (fig. 1-1). To quickly find a particular swimmer use any of the filtering options provided in SwimHero RA.
Age Group (this is why it is important to input the correct birthdate when creating a swimmer)
Swimmer Name


Groups (fig. 1- 3) was designed to give users who have a large number of swimmers an easier way to work with specific subsets of those swimmers. For example, if you have 75 swimmers on your iPad but you want to work with the senior age group freestylers (15 of those 75 swimmers) you can create a group that consists of only those 15 swimmers and work from that group effectively reducing the number of swimmers to 15 on your iPad while you are working within the group.

Figure 3

Figure 1-3

Figure 4

Figure 1-4


Create a Group:

To create a group select “add group” which will take you to New Group Setup (similar to New Swimmer Setup).

Add an image or skip. If adding an image you may choose an image from your library or take a new photo.
Fill out a name for your group.
Add Swimmers- when selected users will be taken to a page similar to their Swimmers page where they can select the swimmers they want to add to their group (fig. 1-4). When finished tap the red X (bottom right corner) and you will be taken back to the New Group Setup page where you can save.

NOTE: When selecting your swimmers for a group you are presented with the same filtering functionality you have in your swimmer page allowing you to quickly find the swimmers you want to add.

Working within Groups:

When users have several groups that they have created there is filtering functionality designed to help get the user to the group they want to work with quickly (fig. 1-3).

  1. Filter by group Name
  2. Search Swimmers- this will filter your groups down to the ones that contain the swimmer you have entered.

When a swimmer is selected from within a group the user is taken to their swims page where a user can do any of the things they would normally be able to (view, compare, table, cloud and delete). However, if the user selects compare the only swimmers available to compare with will be those within the group.

Adding/Deleting a swimmer from a Group:

To add a swimmer to your group tap Add Swimmer and select from the available swimmers. Deleting a swimmer is done in the same way a swimmer is deleted from your Swimmer page. From the group, hold down on the swimmers icon until the red X appears over the icon. Select it again and the swimmer will be deleted from the group.

NOTE: Deleting a swimmer from a group will have no effect on any of that swimmers swims (video and data) within SwimHero RA. That swimmer will still exist and is accessible from you swimmer page with all their swims. You are only deleting the swimmer from this particular group.

Deleting a Group:

To delete a group press the group icon until the red X appears over it. Select the icon again and you will delete the group.

NOTE: Deleting the group will have NO effect on any of the swimmers (video and data) within SwimHero RA. You are only deleting the group which was created as a subset of all the swimmers within SwimHero.

Editing Group picture/name:
To edit a group select the group you want to edit and tap the picture or picture icon. You will be taken to group set up where you can add/edit the picture and change the name. When finished select SAVE.

Add a Swim

To add a swim tap on the swimmer you are interested in working with. Once in that swimmers page (fig. 1-5) select add swim ( the “+” next to Swims). From here you will be taken to the New Swim Setup page (fig. 1-6).

Figure 5

Figure 1-5

Figure 6

Figure 1-6

  1.   Begin by selecting “Add Video” which will take your video library where you can select the video you are interested in working with. Once you have selected the video you will need to select “USE” in the upper right corner to begin the compression process.
  2. After the compression process you will be taken back to the New Swim Setup page where you will need to:
    1. Select the event (for free and back users can select flip or no flip depending on how your swimmer completes a turn….younger kids may not use a flip turn)
    2. Select pool course (SCY,SCM or LCM)
    3. Type in a description for your swim
  3. Select a date for this swim. Often the date you see will be the correct date the swim was recorded on but check to insure validity (there are times when you bring video onto your iPad from your pc for example where the date will not be correct).
  4. Select Practice or Race. This will especially useful for coaches who want to later filter on swims by race or practice.
  5. Enter Notes/Keywords. Use this to enter any information you think is relevant to this swim that you would like to be able to see at a later date using SwimHero’s table view. These notes/keywords can also be used when filtering allowing you to more quickly find the swim you are looking for.
  6. Select CONTINUE and move onto the stamping page.

NOTE: Be aware of what your auto-lock settings on your iPad (Settings>>General>>Auto-Lock), if your iPad goes to sleep while compressing you will have to start over.

HINT: Create a descriptive name as you can use name filters to quickly find swims. Putting the lane your swimmer is in may also be useful for example.

Important:  If you have purchased unlimited swims and need it restored for any reason (you upgrade to a new iPad for example) please go to settings (gear icon upper right) and under Store Settings select “restore purchases”.


Continue on to How To Stamp help page.