I can’t find SwimHero RA in the Apple app store.
Answer: Please make sure you are entering it as SwimHero (no spaces).

Is SwimHero RA only for iPads?
Answer: Yes, currently SwimHero RA is only available for iPads (and iPad mini) but we hope to change that soon!

Our Club/High School/University wants to integrate the SwimHero RA cloud into our program but we aren’t sure how?
Answer: Please email us at info@SwimHeroRA.com, we would love to help you find the solution that fits your needs!

Do I only get one chance to stamp the swim?
Answer: No, you can stamp a swim as many times as you want. To view again or compare against another swim you will need to save.

I upload a swim to the cloud and then delete video only from the swim on my iPad. When I go to the cloud to re-download the swim only “delete from cloud” and “cancel” are options?
Answer: Present functionality will only show “download” as an option if the entire swim (video and data) has been deleted from the iPad. We are looking into changing this behavior.

How many swims will fit on my iPad?
Answer: It depends on the storage space you have (16gb, 32gb, 64gb, etc.) and on the average time of the swims but you should be able to store about 12, 2 minute swims per 1 gb of storage.

Can I use video that I recorded with other apps like Coaches Eye or Ubersense?
Answer: SwimHero RA will only access your iPad camera roll for you to select videos (not 3rd party applications as we do not have permission to access their video library’s). Most apps will have the ability to export video to the camera roll. If you are having trouble let us know and we’ll try to help!

How long does it take to stamp a swim?
Answer: That will depend on your playback speed but slowing the playback speed to the middle option will take you about 2 times the actual swim time to stamp.

I can record a mile swim, put it into SwimHero RA, stamp it, view my work after but when trying to save, SwimHero RA shuts down
Answer: This is a bug and has been fixed in version 2.7 and higher, please upgrade!

How many profiles can I create?
Answer: You can create as many profiles as you want.

Why is there is a lag sometimes when I tap the lock button to save a swim?
Answer: When you tap the lock icon to save a swim SwimHero RA begins its saving process. This may take a couple of seconds especially if your video is long. Do not be alarmed, there is nothing wrong however look for future versions that give you a visual indication the program is saving.

Why do I have to use your cloud to store swims?
Answer: Uploading a swim to the cloud in SwimHero RA pushes not only the video but the data that is now tied to the video. We have implemented code in our cloud that understands that data and keeps it with your video.

I have my swimmer Brian Fischer on my iPad, his coach has Brian as well.  When I downloaded swims from the coach onto my iPad, a new Brian Fisher is created.  The same thing happened when the coach downloaded my swims onto his iPad?
Answer: Correct, if you download a swimmer from the cloud that was uploaded from an iPad other than yours a new profile will be added potentially creating duplicate swimmers. Please see Combine functionality in the user manual along with our combination help video to better understand how to combine swimmers when this occurs.

Can I upload swims to the cloud from any network connection?
Answer: You can try to upload a swim from any network connection but you should be aware that free public networks may not have the bandwidth necessary to complete an upload.

Is SwimHero RA only for elite swimmers?
Answer: SwimHero was designed for anyone with a passion for swimming. We believe anyone can use it to help set goals and monitor progress.

Why is breakout distance and DPC represented in meters even in a SCY pool?
Answer: Breakout distance and DPC are values that can be looked at together regardless of pool type (yards or meters). To normalize all the data we convert yard measurements to meters so users can compare more swims to each other when looking at these values.

Can I compare different strokes and/or different pool types (LCY,SCM,LCM)?
Answer: Yes, you can compare whatever 4 swims you want, SwimHero RA does not restrict what you can compare.

Why are breakout distance and DPC approximations?
Answer: These measurements are approximations because although we can calculate an average velocity over a length it is very difficult to calculate one for breakout and then another for surface swimming. Our algorithm is based on the analysis of older swimmers, as we continue to gather data we will adjust and introduce functionality that will make these approximations even more accurate across all ages and skill levels.

Why does the sound cut out at a certain speed on video playback?
Answer: This is a limitation of the iOS video playback libraries. We recommend using the slowest speed with sound for the start and then adjusting to a slower speed if necessary.

Am I unable to use SwimHero RA if I have used my 10 saves that come with the purchase?
Answer: No, you can still view and compare any of the swims you have saved. You can also record and stamp a swim but will not be able to save it. If you would like to continue saving swims you can delete the app and reinstall it (which will delete all of your saved data as well) or upgrade to the unlimited swim version (please see pricing).

What happens if my iPad goes to into auto-lock mode while compressing a video for stamping?
Answer: If your iPad goes to auto-lock mode while compressing a video for stamping you will have to start over. We recommend you change your settings (Settings>>General>>Auto-lock) to insure your iPad does not go into auto-lock mode while compressing.

How many swims can I push to cloud at one time?
Answer: There is no limit on how many swims you can push to the cloud at one time however your swims will only be uploaded one at a time so please make sure your iPad will not auto-lock, you will not lose your network connection and you will not turn off during the upload process.

I downloaded a swimmer and their swims shared with me from the cloud. Can I record that swimmer and stamp using the swimmer that was created when I downloaded from the cloud?
Answer: Yes, you can create a swim with that swimmer and can upload that swim to the cloud as well. Be aware however that that swim belongs to your cloud ID and not the cloud ID of the user you originally brought the swimmer down from.

I created a group, if I delete a swimmer from that group will it delete the swimmer from SwimHero RA?
Answer: No, deleting a swimmer from a group will only delete the swimmer from the group. That swimmer and all saved swims will still be found in Swimmers.

I stamped a breakout and hit finish right after the breakout. The breakout distance looks wrong?
Answer: Correct, these values will not be good approximations, the breakout distance approximation (and DPC) will assume the swimmer stroked for the entire distance you have entered (scy, scm, lcm) after the breakout.