SwimHero Race Analysis (RA) was designed and developed by experts in financial trading software (where data collection and representation is critical) and coach Kevin Kinel, 2013 NHSCA National Boys swimming coach of the year and coach of the Swimming World Magazine 2014 High School boys national champions from Chesterton Indiana.

The SwimHero RA team started with the goal of developing a tool that would introduce the world of race analysis to anyone with a passion for swimming. To do this we knew it would have to be easier to use than existing race analysis software while reducing the probability of error as well as making it fun and engaging for all users. With Coach Kinels guidance from day one we believe we have accomplished these goals in SwimHero RA and hope you find it as fun and educational as we do.


KEVIN KINEL – Coaching Accomplishments
Chesterton High School
• 22 Duneland Conference Girls Team Championships
• 21 Duneland Conference Boys Team Championships
• 22 IHSAA sectional Girls Team Championships
• 19 IHSAA Sectional Boys Team Championships
• 51 Individual and relay Indiana High School State champions
• 18 Indiana High School state records
• 6 National Federation High School National Public School Records
• Indiana High School Swimming Hall of Fame – inducted 2007
• 4 Indiana High School Boys team titles, including 2014
• Indiana High School State coach of the year 1999, 2008, 2009, 2013
• National Federation of State High School Assoc. National Swimming coach of the year finalist – 2009
• National High School coaches assoc. National Boys Swimming coach of the year 2013
• Swimming world Magazine National High School Boys Swimming Champions 2014
Duneland Swim Club
• Indiana Senior state team champions 2009, 2012 short course
• Indiana Senior state Womens Champions 2009, 2011
• Indians Senior State Mens Champions 2008, 2010, 2012
• Indiana senior coach of the year 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013
• 16 Junior National Long Course Individual Qualifiers
• 7 National Long Course Individual Qualifiers
• 6 Junior National individual Champions – 5 junior national records (Kyle Whitaker)
• 5 Junior National Individual Runner ups – Kyle Whitaker (3) 2007, 2008, Blake Pieroni 2013, Vanessa Krause 2014
• 5 Olympic trial qualifiers
• 4 National junior team members Kyle Whitaker 2009, 2010, Blake Pieroni 2013, Aaron Whitaker 2013, Vanessa Krause 2014

Create an unlimited number of swimmers in SwimHero RA to do analysis on. Set up your swim in an easy to follow format using pre-recorded video on your iPad.
Play back your video at the desired speed in a simple, fun, game like setting “stamping” all the relevant actions that occur during a swim (breakout, stroke rate, turn, etc.). After finishing, review your data to insure accuracy.
View the data (from stamping) as it is synced with the video making the learning process fun and engaging for swimmers of all ages. Kids today are visual learners, SwimHero RA presents the data with the video in a way that has never been done.  Save your swims to view and compare at a later date.
Select up to 4 different swimmers and swims to compare to each other in a simple, easy to follow format.
Compare can be used to look at multiple swimmers in one view or compare the progression of a single swimmer looking at 4 swims simultaneously. This is a great way to review a lot of data in a well presented format.
Become a SwimHero RA cloud member and store your swims on the cloud.

The SwimHero RA Cloud revolutionizes data sharing and collaboration among coaches, swimmers, parents and fans. Here is how the SwimHero RA Cloud works:

1. Store swims- Joining the SwimHero RA cloud allows you to store swims (video plus data) making it an ideal storage facility as your swim library grows. Access your cloud from any iPad that has SwimHero RA installed. Have relatives that want to see swims? All they need is an iPad, SwimHero RA and your cloud login and password to access your library and download any swims you have saved.

2. Create a “swim community”- Swim Clubs can use one cloud account for the entire club, allowing anyone in the club with SwimHero RA to upload their swims and to access the club library.