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What is Swim Hero RA?

Swim Hero RA is an swim race analysis tool for the iPad. Here’s how it works:

  1. Stamp: Play back video from your iPad camera roll, slow to the desired speed as you “stamp” all the relevant events that occur during a swim (i.e. breakout, stroke, turn).
  2. Analyze Data: View your swim in a whole new way! The magic combination of synced info-graphics and video unleashes the power of data in each swim. See each swim length as a bar of breakout times, stroke rates and turns that move in stride with your video. Where do you slow down, speed up, miss opportunities, see new strategies for improving your swim?
  3. Compare: Line up four different swimmers or swims to see differences and progressions over time.
  4. Share: Become a SwimHero RA Cloud Member. Parents, coaches, teams and swimmers work together to build a portfolio of swims that can be analyzed by many and understood by all with a focus on improving swim times.

Who can use Swim Hero RA?

    • FANS
    • ALL AGES

Swim Hero RA Features

    • All in one swim analysis software: View, compare and analyze all your swims from your iPad, nothing else is required to maximize this powerful application.
    • Easy to use, fun and engaging for all users: Incredibly user friendly game like “stamping” produces data anyone can benefit from.
    • Revolutionary shift in data representation: The magic combination of synced info-graphics and video unleashes the power of data in each swim.


  • 07.25.18: Version 3.9 is now available to download on iTunes!!! The main feature in this upgrade will allow users to start stamping (going through the data collection process) without having to wait for the video to compress which happens in the background now. Thanks for the feedback on whats most important to you!!
  • 02.13.18: Check out Coach Kinels interview with Ritter Sports Performance– “We train like we race” Click here to listen!
  • 10.25.17: Our new version is now available on iTunes for download, this should fix all critical issues however there are a few non-critical issues we will be fixing ASAP:
    1. The first swim you stamp will not have a thumbnail attached- you can either go forward and it will save without a thumbnail or when video is finished compressing, select the video again and let it go through the compression process a second time.
    2. When creating a swimmer, if you select “choose from existing” to bring in a photo, you will not be given access to the camera roll.
    3. If you are a cloud user, you must upload a swim before being allowed to start downloading swims.
  • 10.23.17: We would like to recommend all users hold off on upgrading to ios 11 if possible. During testing we have found a few problems that need to be fixed. We hope to submit a new version to Apple within a day that will correct these issues and will send an update out ASAP. Thank you for your patience.
  • 02.12.17: Congratulations to Chesterton HS coach Kevin Kinel for being named IHSAA Women’s Coach of the Year!!!!
  • 01.11.17: As a part of a recent partnership, SwimHero RA has combined with RitterSP to help give you the BEST race analysis possible. Combining our application with feedback from one of the BEST stroke technician’s out there, Abbie Fish–we hope to help get you to your swimming goals–faster, stronger, and more technically sound. Please visit the RitterSP website for more information. Click here to learn more!
  • 08.21.16: SwimHero RA is happy to announce the release of version 3.5. We have included underwater velocity and cumulative turn time as new data points. Users can also now input a breakout distance if desired. Click here for a quick video showing these new features!
  • 04.08.16: Congratulations to Indiana University Head Coach Ray Looze for being named Men’s and Women’s Big 10 Coach of the Year!!
  • 01.25.16: We are very proud to be a sponsor of the upcoming Global Swimming Summit which includes some of the top names in swimming today. Click here for more information and don’t forget to register for FREE!.
  • 12.14.15: We are happy to announce that version 3.4 has been released and is available for download! Version 3.4 comes with the ability to email a JPEG screen shot (of up to 20 lengths) or a CSV directly from the SwimHero RA Table. Take your CSV, drop it into excel and start doing your own studies with all this information!
  • 11.07.15: SwimHero RA is proud to announce the release of SwimHero RA+. Now you can unlock unlimited swims with your initial purchase, perfect for university swim teams using Apples volume purchase program (VPP). Click here for pricing.
  • 10.23.15: SwimHero RA has now been sold in 24 countries, we thank everyone for the support and positive feedback!


For questions about sales, pricing or technical support, please contact us via email:

We welcome feature requests and improvement suggestions as we strive to make Swim Hero RA the ultimate tool for competitive swimming race analysis.